We fix and repair all models of watercraft.

For the ‘do-it-yourselfers’ we offer to the public- pints and quarts of gelcoat – if you need custom color it can be ordered in special for each unit- factory color matched gel, tints, standard white and black gel, hardeners, supplies like rubber gloves, masks and sandpapers, masking tapes etc. are all available.

Fiberglass and supplies, Polyester resins, full line of West Systems and their products, mixing pots, and pumps basically anything to get the job done!

If we don’t have it in store we can get usually within 2-3 days.

Product lines for Gel and Fiberglass

  • West Systems Epoxy
  • CCP Composites/Polynt Resins and gels
  • Gelcote International
  • Fiberlay Products
  • Spectrum Color Products